Tsoulfidis φυσικά πετρώματα ΛακκώματοςTsoulfidis φυσικά πετρώματα Λακκώματος
Tsoulfidis φυσικά πετρώματα ΛακκώματοςTsoulfidis φυσικά πετρώματα Λακκώματος
Special Stone Constructions

Sinks and Countertops

The sinks can be either seated (on the counter) or sub-seated (from the surface of the counter and below). They are also divided into one-piece (solid) and assembled (those that consist of separate pieces assembled). For each case you can choose from our materials, except for the solid pieces that are not available for all the materials. The same applies for showers which can be custom made in a variety of designs.
With the specialized means at our disposal, we are able to suggest and implement solutions for any type of countertop. You can also ask us for complete solutions for outdoor kitchen countertops with a barbeque. There is a lot of flexibility in the configuration of the designs as preferred, such as for example opening a hole in the appropriate dimensions for the reception of a commercial porcelain wash basin or the complete construction of a marble wash basin. You can still ask us about ready-made and complete solutions for outdoor benches with a barbeque device, as our company cooperates with the leading Italian companies on the market.

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