Tsoulfidis φυσικά πετρώματα ΛακκώματοςTsoulfidis φυσικά πετρώματα Λακκώματος
Tsoulfidis φυσικά πετρώματα ΛακκώματοςTsoulfidis φυσικά πετρώματα Λακκώματος
STONE concept

We build our projects with your dreams and ideas.

Buildings project

Constructions characterized by aesthetics.


The design and the creation add a unique effect.


Each space and a uniqueness with Natural Stones

About Us

Natural Stones by TSOULFIDIS

The company Tsoulfidis Bros, was founded in 1976, as the first artisanal enterprise of processing and trading of natural stones in Northern Greece. Since then, it has been a pioneer and active in the field of extraction, processing and trading of natural stones.

The company, in addition to the Star Brown natural stone, which it mines from its own private quarry, has many more natural stones and marbles in its range, which come in various colors. We procure these natural stones and marbles from quarries, either Greek or abroad, and then we process and trade them with modern methods in order to meet the requirements of each customer.

Our corporation is characterized by its reliable, continuous and fast customer service. Our main concern is to build trustworthy relationships in order to create partnerships with strong bonds by persisting on the quality of products resulting in exceptional works.


Modern concepts and designs with Natural Stones


Choose the appropriate wall cladding, both for the exterior and interior decoration of your space, from a variety of natural stone products, processed in various forms and dimensions, such as irregular or squared wall cladding, masonry stone, hammered stone for wall building, bricks, embossed CnC cladding, etc. The available types can satisfy any preference, either in traditional or modern style.

Floor Tiles

A wide range of natural stones and marbles for flooring in different processes and forms. Smart solutions for both indoor and outdoor areas. In addition to squared or irregular tiles, here you will find steps, cobblestones and gravel (chippings) for coating of outdoor areas, passages and courtyards .

Special Constructions
Special pieces

Our company manufactures special products custom-made, giving solutions tailored to the needs of each customer. Some of these products are pool copings, overflow gratings, kitchen – bathroom countertops, and outdoor barbecue kitchen countertops , sinks, fireplace cladings, CNC embossed designs, curved surfaces etc.

Natural Rocks

These are unprocessed or slightly processed natural rocks from our quarry, such as rock gardens and wall retaining rocks.

About Us

Inspiration and creation centered on the stone

In our factory, which is an area of 16000m², the properly trained staff, using the specialized machines that it has at its disposal, processes the stone and the marble, in various forms and styles. In this way, a wide variety of products is created, such as wall and fireplace claddings, steps, breast wall coverings, floor tiles, landscaping products and other special constructions, depending on the requirements of each project.


Our company has taken on a variety of both small and large projects in its long course, such as hotels and resorts, homes, villas, temples, monasteries, public works etc.
With all the experience and systematic work, our company is now ready to complete any project it undertakes.

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